Better care with On-site Hemodialysis

Better care with On-site Hemodialysis

Improved Care, Improved Outcomes

Arbor Terrace Skilled Nursing Facility offering On-Site Home Hemodialysis Services

Conventional Hemodialysis May Not Be Enough

Conventional hemodialysis performed in-center is typically a longer, less frequent treatment. As a result, patients often struggle with the abrupt hemodynamic changes of conventional therapy, which is associated with longer recovery times and lower energy levels.


By offering an on-site solution at the Arbor Terrace Healthcare skilled nursing facility (SNF), hemodialysis treatments can be tailored to meet each patients’ unique medical needs while helping to maintain their medication, rehabilitation, and dietary schedules. On-site treatments eliminate
the stress and burden of transportation to a dialysis clinic and offer flexible dialysis options, including more frequent hemodialysis, when appropriate.

The inconsistency in a dialysis patient’s schedule makes it hard for them to get better. We often have to rearrange their therapy and medication schedules and typically we send them out with sack lunches rather
than the hot meals served at the facility.

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